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So, I did a small "back of the envelope" calculation about the payroll issue.

Assume a Census worker is covering cases at a rate such that they have enough stuff to merit checking it over with their Crew Leader every other day. But they have to drop off their time sheet every day. So, every other day, they're making a special trip just to drop off their time sheet - and that trip itself is billable time. Say that trip takes a half hour. In my area, that trip costs the Census Bureau $10 for the time. On average, then dropping off payroll sheets costs $5 per day.

For the 1500 folks in our local NRFU operation, that adds up to $7500 a day. Over the couple months of operations, that comes up to about $450,000 just for dropping off payroll sheets.

How much would it cost to have a decent web-developer or two put together a very simple web-app to handle this information with a basic workflow for each level up to sign off on the submissions? $100K? Let's say I'm largely over-counting useless trips, and the savings is only a quarter million dollars - that's only for the local office. Build it so each local office has a local copy, and the savings can quickly rise into the tens of millions of dollars.

I'd love to sit down with someone and ask why this wasn't done. I can think of a couple of reasons, but I'd like to explore if they're real, or imaginary reasons.
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Today, I'd like to start with a personal note...

Working as a Census Crew Leader isn't in the same ballpark as my previous employment, in terms of compensation. However, it is a damn sight better than a sharp stick in the eye. It'll keep me busy, but still allow me to flex a bit to get interviews for full-time employment. It will look good on my resume, as being exercising at least some of my normal professional skills.

And, in terms of, "doing good work that needs to be done", it's pretty high on the scale. While managing development for a financial institution or an e-mail marketing company would pay far better, I'd not feel good about myself at the end of the day. I'm doing stuff that my country and society requires to keep functioning. How many others can claim that they work on stuff mandated by the U.S. Constitution?

(Well, okay, several hundred thousand people, nationwide, but you get the idea)

In seventy two years, when the records of this census are opened to the public (mostly for people tracing genealogies), my name is going to be all over several thousand forms.
The training wrap-up )
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More on becoming a Crew Leader
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Saga continued from a previous post.

I am now an official part-time employee of the Federal government, as they called me in for Census Crew Leader Training a week early.
...and we begin to see how sausage is made. )
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Because otherwise I'll have to dig round in the bushes to find you.

So, it isn't exactly a major move in my career, or something, but the U.S. Census Bureau wants me to take training as a Census Crew Leader. This isn't a permanent position, nor is it guaranteed to be full-time work. But it is something. It isn't an experience most folks get, so I thought I would chronicle it here, as well as I can and still maintain anonymity for the folks in question.

So, what has happened so far... ...if you care. )


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