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For the Threads of Damocles LARP I play, I've done a couple stories.

Background and 'Rosalie's Request'

'Counting Coup'

At the time I finished "Counting Coup" I had an idea for the next story, which is now complete.

Background )
Walking Thunder Part 1: The Bet )
Walking Thunder Part 2: Seeking The Aurora )
Walking Thunder part 3: The Tribe of Three vs. Tyrannosaurus Rex )
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A bit over a year ago, before the first Threads of Damocles game, I posted some background information and a story about the characters.

Well, the game has gone on, much has developed, the characters are still alive, and we are still involved. I started out wanting to write more of the fiction, but silly things like buying a house and living life got in the way.

However, the session coming up later this month called for some more fiction...

Background )

Dramatis Personae )

Counting Coup Part 1: The Tribe of Three at Two Lakes )

Counting Coup, Part 2: The Tribe of Three vs. The MorrĂ­gan )
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My Lady and I are soon to be involved in a live action RPG campaign - "Threads of Damocles". The basic concept is that an experiment at Penn State in 2012 shatters what we think of as the spacetime continuum into a number of "shards" or "threads". Each shard seems to roughly correspond to some portion of the Earth, but with an alternate history and genre. So, Silicon Valley's gone cybertech, Manhattan has ended up steampunk, and so on. Up until game start, the world has only been loosely connected by unreliable gates between the shards.

The campaign allows a player to write his or her own character, but it has been in development for a long time. To help keep folks interested (and to generate some personal histories and such), players are encouraged to write character stories. I resisted doing so for quite a while, because I'm not so much interested in playing the game before we actually play the game. Doubly so before character abilities were generated.

However, there's much to be said for having a story to introduce yourself to the other players, and to engage in a bit of that history-building, and so on. So, my compatriots and I got our act together and wrote a story. While it also sits in the e-mail logs and wiki for the campaign, I'd like to keep this someplace of my own, too.

Background: The Post Holocaust Midwest )

Dramatis Personae: The Tribe of Three Guardians )

Rosalie's Request, Part I: The Tribe of Three at the Cheyenne-Mason High School Reunion )

Roaslie's Request, Part II: The Tribe of Three vs the Cannibal Mormon Football Team  )


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