Jan. 8th, 2012

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It seems to me that Disney (and Universal Studios Orlando, and by extension Marvel and DC comics) are failing to take advantage of a major marketing opportunity.

I'm a fairly practical dude. I'm not into acquiring things for the sake of things - I usually want my things to have some purpose. So, when we went on vacation, I had a mission: find work-appropriate shirts. And I'll be darned if I could! You'd think with the stock of art and artists Disney has on hand, and the number of men of child-raising age walking through those theme parks, there'd be polo and button-down shirts with clever and interesting designs around every corner. I mean, really, how many middle-aged men toting a kid through the Hollywood Studios park wouldn't kill to have a polo shirt in Incredibles-red, with the iconic "I" logo where you normally see an alligator's usually found? But we went through most, if not all, of the shops in the theme parks, and the only designs around were polos with Micky playing golf (not much attraction for non-golfers), and a small Mickey silhouette (usually on horizontal stripes, which only the most fit of men with sense will wear). That's it.

It isn't like Disney doesn't know how to design such things. The uniforms of the cast in various areas are great. While I can see good reason they can't sell the Cast uniforms themselves, they can design other things. Same goes for Marvel and DC comics - they've got office-working fans, and in this day of workplace-casual clothing, stuff other than T-shirts could sell wonderfully. But just try to find them!

I had to go to the NASA Kennedy Space Center gift shop in the airport to get a piece of workplace-casual clothing. They had two designs I wanted to buy, but they only had one of them in my size. Just goes to show that yes, the geniuses *are* over at NASA!


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