Mar. 16th, 2012

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Dueling... Tesla coils?

And, Willard Wigan does some some tiny, No, I mean *really* tiny, sculpture
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Due to a long term series of small events, I need to replace an interior door in my house. I could hire a carpenter, and they'd get it done in a couple of hours, and take a goodly chunk of my money.

Or, I can do it myself. I have extra time, and replacing an interior hollow-core door is not rocket science. Armed with a Home Depot gift card, I set to work. A few tools I, as a homeowner, ought to have anyway, and some practice, and I have demonstrated that I can trim down a door, mortice in hinges, and hang the door. So, I move to the final step: drilling holes for the lockset. I pick up the new hole-saw bit, and I encounter an embarrassing problem that should be the basis of a major advertising campaign by some Major Hardware Chain...

I'll admit it. I have a small power drill. Maybe average size. Insert innuendo here.

Whatever - when I open the chuck as wide as possible, the hole saw won't fit. Which probably means it doesn't have the torque for the job anyway. *sigh* I feel so inadequate. But buying a major drill for one job is Just Not Worth It.

Anyone out there in the Boston area have a major power drill for lending?


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